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We are very humbled to be the servants of God.  Our greatest desire is  to see His name be glorified around the world.  Our prayer is that He  would send us out into the harvest and that we could connect people with  Jesus Christ.  Here you can see our upcoming travel plans and the ones  we are praying for God’s direction. You can get involved in this great  work with your prayers, time, strength, and finances.  It takes all of  us to make this work! 


“…having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come.”  I Timothy 4:8b 

Our desire is  to help God’s people both spiritually and naturally. Right now we are  raising funds to help build toilet facilities in Sabubva, Zimbabwe.   Without these facilities the local government will not allow the church  to feed the children of the community.  The local saints raised the  finances and built the foundation and ran the septic system, with your  help we will be able to finish building!

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