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Bridget Goodwin

I’m married and I love being a wife! I have two wonderful boys, that  God has been so good to give me. My husband is a pastor, and it is so  special for me to share his life, the ups and down. I see God at work  everyday, and I’m humbled by God’s greatness!  I love music, outside of  God and my family it is another passion of mine. I’m a music teacher and  worship leader, and I love sharing this passion with others.

I live in England, and I feel that England is just a portal to the  rest of the world. It will help us access God’s people in this  hemisphere. I have always wanted to become a missionary, working in the  fields, and I’m privileged to say that I’m experiencing this everyday.  It is hard work, a task that is not taken lightly. Many hours of prayer,  tons of tears and lots of laughter, really the best time of my life,  serving God’s people, and I praise God for this opportunity.


The Devotional Of A Psalmist


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