About Us


Our vision is to see and participate in the creed Jesus gave his disciples, “Go ye into all the World…” London, England is our home base. We sold out of the American life, our home, our music store, our two cars, left our family, to listen to God’s call, to become the Pastor of a group of precious people in England, in December 2006.


We would love for our group in England to become missionary minded. Disciples of Christ, sharing His gospel to all who will listen. Some have already frequented Poland.  Our journeys have taken us to Moldova, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, France, India, and most recently, Hong Kong & China.


The promise was to all nations, all tongues, and all nations. I have been blessed to have worshiped God with the above nationalities so far. It has been a  challenge following them in the music, being a worship leader myself, it has been a great experience to broaden my musicality in the spiritual realm of other languages. Rhythm changes to follow lyrical interpretation and foreign chord symbols to decipher.


From Jonathan’s ministerial view point working with interpreters, and them being moved as they relay what is being preached, even one time, someone had to take over interpreting because they were so moved emotionally they could not minister. Treasured moments indeed.


I hope you are blessed and encouraged as you follow our labours.  May you find the courage to spread the Word, Jesus is still Lord, and the only Way to eternal life in your community and your travels.  Jesus will return, but not until this Gospel is preached to all nations.


Will you join the Great Commission, and work in field? Come join us, we look forward to meeting you in the fields.